This is bullshit

As an envato author and customer i bought a wordpress theme 2 years ago, i have 2 licence of same theme. Didn’t have time to use the theme so i decided to install it today.

Guess what happened? I got errors while installing it. which is fine i am used to solve them but seems the error is with theme or any other third party plugins which is required by theme.

i decided to open a support ticket, and guess what happened? “your purchase code has expired.”
Now i can’t use the theme i bought with 2 licence. I have to pay extra $$ just to ask them to fix it? This is a problem caused by author or third party plugins. I don’t care. I bought it i paid for it for lifetime update. I don’t care. it’s a SCAM and i am being scammed right now by envato’s support policy, as an author and customer. this is bullshit

You can try to get the author attention by posting comment in the theme Comments page (as an author you know this). Also can try through Profile page contact form.

Without seeing the item it’s hard to advise but presuambly you are using the latest copy of the theme?

You do get “lifetime updates” as long as the item is available and when they are released. That part of the purchase does not mean that it will constantly be updated esp 3rd party plugin elements which the author does not have the rights to.

As for support and envato’s policy - you will know as an author and what you earn, that giving buyers (and some of their inevitable volume of requests) unlimited access to full support is not viable or fair on authors and if envato tried to enforce that would have a very negative impact

Check the item description page for the WordPress compatibility. Some of the themes are out-dated and they are not supported by the latest. This could be your case.