There is no MasterCard in the payment method section

when i want buy a wordpress theme, in Select Payment Method there is not mastercard!

And I had to create another account to solve my problem. and buy theme.

  1. Is it possible to fix MasterCard in my account?
  2. Is it possible to transfer the theme from the second account to my first account (Main account)?

Hi, You can try to select paypal and Skrill payment options maybe there is available.

i want pay with master card. i don’t have paypal and skrill

Don’t require account. after adding card details automatically create account. You can add just card details.

Why doesn’t it show me the MasterCard?
But it shows in my new account

Hi, You can contact to Envato support.

envato customer support team can tell about it. Maybe for some internal security reason.
You can purchase through paypal as a guest checkout.