Themeforest website's homepage broken?

I opened Themeforest website’s homepage and it displays HTML code there?

Anyone else has the same error?

Yes, same here.
Codecanyon to themeforest (click event) is working fine but direct Themeforest URL displaying source code :thinking:

@BenLeong @KingDog @rosssimpson

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They fixed it already. Seems to be working fine on my end too.

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@ThemeGoods Thanks for reporting this! We haven’t been able to replicate the issue, but we’re investigating in case it affected other users - it may have been restricted to a particular region. Thanks for confirming that it’s no longer affecting you.

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It works fine now, thanks for the update!

I see the same thing as @ThemeGoods on desktop and mobile devices.
Tested on Chrome/Firefox/Safari, same thing.

HTML issue is back ( For TF, CC works fine )

@BenLeong I’ve similar issue, tested with all private browsers

We’re continuing to investigate this, but have not been able to replicate it so far.

If you see this occurring, please update this thread with:

  • Browser(s) used
  • Which country you’re logging in from, in case this is region-specific
  • Your IP address

That information will help our team to troubleshoot this issue.

Similarly, if you see this and later find that it’s working properly, please update the thread so we know you’re no longer experiencing this issue.

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For the past 2h, works as it should, on desktop and mobile devices.