Themeforest: Templates with the most pre build website


Can someone please tell me witch website templates that have the most pre-build website ?

I contacted envato, but they told me to better ask the community. So please, can someone help me out to find a website templates that have the most pre-build website ?

Thank you

Define “pre built” ?

Most themes and templates will come with various example pages.

Most the big multipurpose items have lots of demos but these are usually only unisue in styling and certain aspects.

Bear in mind that:

  1. the demo pages are not intended to be a final solution

  2. you can only use the item for ONE project so if it’s a restaurant website you are building then any others will be irrelevant.

You can always buy additional licences - it is still very useful to learn one theme properly as it will greatly speed up your workflow.

Good themes with loads of demos include:

Have Fun

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Thank you very much for your help.
BeTheme and Bridge are awesome :slight_smile:

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Last year i bought the Bridge theme because of the endless different possibility (pre-build) website they have.

Can please someone tell me if there are other theme who provide a lot of pre build website (demo) like Bridge ?

I already have Bridge and BeTheme.

or if you know a theme that have the most pre build website, please link me up.

Thank you

Hi @deelytino ,

You can check this BeTheme
Hope you like this one also.


Hi @unlockdesign, thanks for your reply but I already have Bridge and BeTheme.
Do you know other theme?

Thanks in advance.

How these are?

  1. Brooklyn
  3. Stockholm

I think you like KALLYAS

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Thank you.

Kallyas is nice but still they have not enough demo (pre-build)…