Theme which fulfill our requirement

Hi Team,

We are planing to built a website with below requirement:

  1. User can search Private Coaching classes, Kinder Gardens, Foreign Consultant, Schools and colleges etc.
  2. Anybody from above can provides their details through one form with making some small annual package payment.
  3. And after payment approval from admin, that particular organization details will flash on our website, So that end user can search that organization details through putting some keywords in search box and will get more details.
  4. Main approach is, user can search any details through above categories.

Could you please suggest us, You have any Theme which provides above similar requirement.
Please suggest the best theme, So we can purchased it.


You could check our theme demo to see if it’s fit your need:


But there is no Search bar in Home page with categories like Coaching classes, Kinder garden, colleges and schools etc. shows as a drop down to select one of them before searching (it’s like filtering). So that user can easily search.


Hi, our theme is compatible with The Event Calendar and their addons.
You could check all their feature here:

In PRO version, you could place event calendar in your homepage as a shortcode.