Theme -pages dont have editing capabilities

Hi cannot find the forum for the author of this template in the ducumentation please help. Have some queries.

Licensor’s Author Username: Bdaia
Licensee: Nidhi Arora
Item Title: Newspaper
Item URL:


Info and links to the authors support is here

How to add a topic in the forum
I went to the forum didnt find that option

You have registered properly and logged in to the forum right?


Trying to register That also not happening . Forgot the password and they are saying they have sent me email password confirmation link

No mail recieved

Unfortunately no one here can resolve author support issues - id suggest leaving a comment for the author

Isnt Envato suppose to do this

No - support on items comes from authors. Envato are not involved in that.

FYI from your comment - the theme doesn’t mention page builders. It has a home page builder to change the layout there but that is only for the home page

Where to add static content to the page

Theme specific questions need to go to the author. This is a general forum

There will be documentation in the download which might outline it