Theme oxy is not working



I am not sure, if this is the right category, thow I try. Yesterday I bought the Theme Oxy, because I want to build a shop. I am german and my technical english is not that good, but I hope it´s understandable. Unfortunately I can´t change anything in the settings. For example, I cannot set a menu, cannot chenage the background. No matter what I try, everything stays the same. I am quite frustrated. Another problem is, that since I installled the theme, the sides load really slowly. Can anybody tell me, where the problem is ans what I can do to fix it. I have surged for a tutorial of the theme but can´t find anything. Thank you for help!
Nice regards, anke



You’re posting your question to the general Envato forums. You need to contact the theme author.

You can do this via the item page you purchased your theme. Leave a comment on their theme.

Chances are, they have a support page or procedure mentioned in the theme documentation / details.

When theme-related questions are asked, it’s always best to ask the author of that specific theme.