Theme in Angular/React



Hello envato,
I’m looking for good practicies for WordPress theme development and sales it by themeforest. I would like to ask you, if is possible (by envato rules) to develop WordPress theme which will be full in React.js / Angular.js? There wouldn’t be use functions.php, all calls would be represent with Rest API. Also there wouldn’t be used WordPress routing (with reloading pages). Routing would be developed with front-end technology (Angular or React) too where every change of route would be without page reloading.

Thank you for your replies.


I would also like to know if this is acceptable (for submitting theme to TF).


Yes it’s allowed, many HTML Admin templates use angular.js. If you are planning to become a TF author maybe you can have big advantages by use also this product:


Thank you ThePixor. I know that many HTML Admin templates use Angular.js . Is it allowed in WP frontend too? Like I wrote in my question (not in WP admin).


Yes, if it’s allowed on Templates I’m sure is allowed also in WP. The front-end is the same.


Thank you #ThePixor