theme for my first web site

Hello guys , this is the first time I enter in the forum and frankly I’m not a programmer .

I wanted to make a site with wordpress , I made ​​simple sites but never professional .

I wanted to know if you know advise me of the themes that do not need to work on the code , I have great knowledge of php .

I also need a topic that is visible well on tablets and smartphones , optimized for SEO , it’s completely customizable .

I have to try my hand at a site for the hotel , with a reservation system , newsletters , online reservations , translation into other languages ​​, payments , etc .

guys give me some advice? What to buy and what should I see a theme ? I repeat , I would pick a theme that does not require intervention on the code .

Also, I ask if i buy one premium theme can i use it for multiple sites .
thanks and sorry for the banal questions.

Most WordPress themes on here will not require you to play with the code really - of course this does depend on what you want to do or acheive with it.

In terms of multiple sites - each website you want to use it on requires its own license e.g. 1 website = 1 purchase and you will need to buy it again to use it on a separate website

Thanks for the response to mA Be sure to buy a theme chd not asks Interventions in the code , what do I read in property ?

I would know also what are other details that i need to see for choose a good theme resppnsive and with all updates.

Thank you