Theme developers abuse WP Admin with persistent notification bar

It should be forbidden that theme developers abuse their powers and put a persistent advertising notification bar at the top of WP Admin.

This notification bar says:

Support expired. Your support for the Authentic theme has expired. Please renew your support license for any support requests.

It is by Codesupply Co:
(link removed)

for the theme Authentic:
(link removed)

Contact Envato support and report the issue

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We got the problem with the screenshot already, there’s noone here to help you and you need to report the problem to Envato support.

Thank you, @ki-themes

I was hoping for the devs to see it here :innocent:


These kind of announcements are also referred to as “nag notices” - most wordpress themes, or PHP scripts might have them. It’s a way of reminding the buyer to either renew support (as in this case) or to update a theme/plugin if it is out of date.

First of all, your theme will continue to work even with this notice. Nothing will change for the visitors of your website with our theme, even when your license expires.

There is a way you can disable this notice by editing the functions php file, or better still contact your seller and ask them.

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