Theme Design

Please i need a theme with Example below

Please either a new theme or a developer can do it for a fee to be negotiated

You want to make new site to have same design or functions of this site?

Both I don’t Mind

I can make such site. You can contact me and send me specifications what you need on your site.

@alabius Take a look at my themes: 1Page / Foot / Showcase and KICKCUBE. All of them are quite similar in design with what you are looking, I’m not talking about the functions, but you can take my theme/s as base and build or hire someone to create the functions you want, the ones that better fits your needs.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Thank you @An-Theme, I have looked at them all. they are cools. But i Have gotten one to use and its almost like what i need NRGNETWORK.
Thanks all for your contribution.