Theme and SEO



Hi everyone,

Just one question please,
is there a real difference in SEO between a blog with free theme, and paid theme ?
What means “SEO optimize” or “ready” in description of buyable themes ?

Thank you.


Means the code is well thought and structured to be SEO friendly, and SOMETIMES it even meets/follows follows the requirements of the most popular SEO plugins like Yoast SEO.


Ok, thank you. It means there is a real advantage to using a paid theme for SEO, this is not an empty argument meaningless.


SEO is very big an very unknown theory - no one knows google algorithm. There are “some” rules but even best SEO OPTIMIZED theme won’t give You too much without SEO actions for Your domain. And remember, every conscious action to move Your domain up in search results is in contradiction with the principles of google :wink: … in other words, SEO is ‘criminal’ activity against google: D


Ah ! yes, I thought the contrary, SEO was the pure rationality something really robotic at the image of google algorythm. I understand now it’s more a way to hack or crack google rules of referencing based on financial sponsoring (I imagine).

Thank you for your point of view, I not sure to have really all understood because I am french, and my english language is poor.

You buy a theme for others reasons than SEO, customization, flexibility, back-office, pluggins… SEO friendly is cool as well !


For sure it’s +1 but what he do to make it SEO READY? Maybe just paste some h1 tags and that’s it …


you should definitely check out Yoast Seo, there are plenty of tutorials and manuals how to set it up right for your needs, after reading a few pages you should understand if your free theme works fine or your should look out for a better one.