The Woodmart theme I bought caused trouble

Hi I’m having trouble with the theme I bought from you What’s the reason why my pages look like this?

Hi @moonartmedya,

Please contact the author of your purchased theme, the theme author will assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:



Are you referring to the missing Google Map? If so, that is because you need to enter the API key for your Google Map usage. I suspect somewhere in the theme admin area it asks for the API Key for Google Maps.

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that’s not exactly the problem, there the map is different or whatever it scrolls upwards doesn’t show up under the menu tool

In addition, as seen in the photo, the logo is broken on some pages and the content is shifting up.

If you look at the picture you will see what I mean.


It would be more useful to see the actual page rather than a screenshot. Assuming this is your website URL:

Then all we can see is the maintenance page so I don’t know how best we or anyone can help you. Just as a guess the logo will be fitting to its CSS dimensions, so that might squish it, or distort it.

Have you checked this page here:

Which has documentation about this theme?

yes, I read and applied it to the end, it’s ridiculous to have such a problem, the map stays under the title, I downloaded the coffee demo, because I didn’t like the header part there, I did something different, but the contents go under the header here is the problem.


This demo?

In that case the map Contact Us - WoodMart

Works fine - it must be to do with something you changed your end and the header -

My best advice contact the theme author and ask them but I’m certain it is to do with the header changes you might have made.

Hi, please contact the author of the theme for support: