The Sales Monitor 2

1 sale in this month, standard is 20-40 monthly

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Not just you… I just got 4 sales…very slow week :sweat:

Same here, even i uploaded new projects.

Is this silence means that everything is fine? :slight_smile: I had only 3 video sales this month yet :frowning: Very bad month in comparison with others. And how are you guys doin?

Best week for last few months, so it is basically normal week for me as it was before in spring time

Poor sales this month, but each of us have one or two very bad month in a year, so don’t break down so quickly.

Worst week for me.

The worst month ever. This month, reminded me of June, it was my worst month but now I can see this month is the worst ever this year. :dizzy_face:

Hi guys. Just got few sales tonight. And it might be that this month might turn even better than the last one which was the best month ever for me (but i know that it was worst for some of you). Let me share some experience with you. I started to expand my portfolio hardly in May. I gradually uploaded about 200 items within last 2 months. (and new downloads started to flow only now) that means that new items need some time (approx 2 months) to become visible. Second thing i uploaded my first wordpress theme. Which with in a day become trading item, and later on was futured in “rising start” category which brought sales almost everyday.
What i would recommend you to try especially for the ones who are working with AE templates. Try to diversify your items. I am sure if you are good enough to build wonderfull AE templates, it shouldn`t be hard to make some music files (yeah music creation also uses timelines, keyframes and etc.) Having different type of items will give you much wider look on Envato, why some things are more popular, how “best items” effects your sales and etc. You’ll find more ways to improve. Or maybe you will discover golden root of something which you didnt thought to exist so close to you.


After almost 10 years everything changes over night rapidly. I don’t know how others stand but at the moment my earnings are 2x lower than usual for the same period in past 9.5 years
I hope this is not our ‘road map’ that @collis mentioned few years ago

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So when you talk about earnings being half than usual,
does it include elements?
Because if not, you should probably combine all of the earnings and then compare…
just an opinion though.

Your earnings from Videohive are 2x lower but when you combine your Videohive earnings + your Elements earnings your earnings become an amount which beats every previous year so stop complaining all the time.

If i combine Elements + Videohive it’s more like i’m selling only on one market, simply Videohive earnings are low in past 12-24 months or so. Elements is so far stable. But if we sell on two markets, then earnings should be double or so. Now i had a feel that Videohive will slowly shutdown in a few years if this trend continoue, because there is a more authors that share the same buyers budget. Elements is much better as a subscription package from buyers perspective.

I’m speaking about 2k+ monthly! How would you feel if you had today $500 (Elements + Videohive) and you know how It will ends in a 15 days?

if I knew how things will look in 15 days, I would’ve given all my work for free while making a living off bets and gambling.

and you can’t claim Videohive and Elements are two different markets.
Buyers won’t buy a $29 videohive item when they know they can get the same item, and many more for $16.5 a month.

You’re enabling items for sale on elements VIA Videohive’s Edit item page, after all…
It’s everything BUT separate markets.

“Should be” is completely your estimation and fantasy.

he’s only been complaining for the past 9.5 years!! not all the time :slight_smile:

:joy: No trust me

Not exactly, I see VH as a PREMIUM market with big, valuable and complex projects which not so many authors can create. And Elements is for the rest. Also I see that you almost don’t upload anything new.

If to say about earnings, definitely pure VH earnings in average are lower than my best year, but in a line with previous years before I’d joined Elements. But now VH+EE are making the best year on Envato. Nowadays we just need to use different strategies, old ones don’t work.
And much bigger competition than it was 3-4 years ago makes it also harder for average Author to compete here

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Agree but Elements can’t work without Videohive. I’m uploading to Audiojungle as well on Videohive (yesterday was hard reject) There are also limitations for authors who compete on several Envato Marketplaces, but that is something that i won’t discuss here. What i want to say is, no matter if you have 10 or 300 items in your portfolio (in my case) you will always earn the same ot less amount, now things are different In past several months and overall earnings are lower.

July-Aug-Sep were bad - that’s true, but it was near the same level last year. Now in October I see boost compared to previous period (At least these first 2 weeks)