the safety margin of 0.125 in (3mm) - how it to realize?


I have the next feedback from the reviewer:

The item was not approved. Please address the following feedback and resubmit:
“No changes appear to have been made. Your item does not respect the safety margin of 0.125 in (3mm). For more information:

I changed the margins, but the reviewer rejected it for the same reason.

Please, give me a hint about where is my mistake.

Make it visible as :

Add guide : VIEW > New guide

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I use this information as I understand but it is not help( I understand non correctly.

Can you give me your example file, please? And where mistake - in PSD or AI file?

For safety reasons, you should delete the PSD/AI file here and don’t share :slight_smile:

How you can check my PSD and AI files if I delete it?(

Upload screenshot ( not the PSD/AI file ) or resize the file (smaller)

It’s hard to notice that, especially for reviewer. They cannot see that one.

Only in PSD? What is about in AI?

On both version ( for prints )

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Big thanks for your help :blush: :pray:

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You’re welcome. Good luck!

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