The requirements for getting a TREND lightening?



does anyone know, what are the requirements to get a TRAND lightening?


It’s a secret blend of herbs and spices, so nobody knows the exact criteria, but as far as I’m aware it’s based on sales, views and comments. So you could have loads of views and comments, and still have a trending item even if you’ve had no sales. Most will be from a combination of all three though.

Maybe if people add the item to their favourites, that factors into it as well, but I’m just guessing on that one. Basically, the item needs to have a lot of ‘activity’.


I do not know. As a thing related to badge to wear and display publically I think it should have the exact clarified criterias.


I guess there could be an issue with people garnering the system to get the badge, if they know exactly what is required.