- The "Read More" link must work properly (linking to the "<!--more-->" tag location)

I had this in the latest soft rejection and I still don’t understand what he means, I would appreciate any help.

  • The “Read More” link must work properly (linking to the “” tag location)

There was no print screen just this comment.

Thank you.

You have to check all read more or details link in eveywhere in your theme specially reviewer focused on Blog posts tags link.

So some of those read more links might not work?

I already checked all of them and all works, I really don’t underatand this one.

not only read more link but also all a tag link which should to go to more details page.

This is the part that I don’t understand, where is this tag I don’t get it.

Thank you.

add tag to any post and check the tag link. because your customer can add tag for any blog post.

This is already done, very confused about this one, I guess I will have to let this go and ask the reviewer what exactly is this, another soft reject :slight_smile:


yes you can request the reviewer but I would like to suggest please check all links are working fine.

I just did that also I asked a friend and all is fine, I could not find any issue.

Since this post is already opened I have another questions to which I could not find an answer, I am using metaboxes for the post formats and the page templates in my theme, they are added in a plugin the theme has passed the test, my questions is this allowed or I am forced to use a page builder, I could not find anything about this

Thank you.

I think you can set that plugin as a required plugin in your theme bundle recommend plugins.

Yes this is how I did it the metaboxes are added in the requred theme pluigins, my questions is I am allowed to use meta boxes to build custom pages or post format like in the print screens that I showed or I am forced to use a page builder like Elementor?

Thank you.

As far I know you can’t force to customer to use any page builder plugin. you can recommend but can’t force.

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