The problem with the Revolution slider in the theme Save Life for Wordpress

I make the site
The site has a slider revolution, on which there are three image buttons. However, the slider does not have these images in the site admin panel. How to edit them?

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It can be in a “Static / Global Layers” - (video is for Slider Revolution 5 - maybe you have a new version).

If you have more questions, you should contact theme author or Revolution Slider author - it depends do you have a regular license for Revolution Slider or it is bundled with the theme.

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Hope this will help you Add/Edit Text, Images, Video, Buttons and Icons of Revolution Slider.

If that doesn’t work, Contact your purchased plugin Author Contact Author and let them know. Plugin Author will be happy to assist you.


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Hi @Egorgor,

Thanks for using Slider Revolution. CocoBasic is right, the layers are in the “Static / Global Layers”. If you still need help customizing the slider, you can contact via our email at and a member of our team will attend to you asap!