The Envato Pet Section

Hey, fellas! I’ve just created this thread for us to discuss our household companions. I own a ferret named Wendell. Yeah, I know, it’s an unusual pet to have, but I’m always fascinated by this type of critter. He’s a fun-loving fuzzball, usually, plays and hangs out in his comfortable ferret nation cage, munch on cooked eggs and meat (that’s his staple diet), and even cuddles with my wife during Netflix hours (a furry rivalry, I see). I hope to own more than one someday, but for now, it’s just Lemon and me for more fun-filled years. How about you guys? What four (or many) legged creatures do you own?


Mine is a cat, I named it Silly, because it makes stupid things like for instance playing with a hair band, meows every time you talk and usually hides in unusual places. Look why I call it Silly:


That’s a familiar cat pose :grinning:

This is Mochason - Son of Mocha. He’s currently wondering why I have so many different message notifications popping up on my computer screen.