The BEST 2D Animation software! (make a cartoon in a few clicks)

Hey All! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you’ve heard about this software before:

This software is for people’s who wonder how do I create my cartoons with that “old-school” style that looks like a Frame-by-Frame classic animation! (for those who are interested in making cartoons).

As a professional Animator, I must say that this software will make lots of hard working animators pissed off because of how easy it is compare to hours, days, weeks of animating few seconds… you can call it a CHEAT for animation (just like in games).

This video is NOT a tutorial but it shows how EASY is to make your own cartoon in a few clicks without even draw a single line!

If you liked the demonstration video please don’t forget to tell your friends & family about it.
Can’t wait to see the cartoons you’ll create with it!


  • Sorry about my bad English

CLICK HERE TO WATCH :slight_smile:


April Fools?

Looks interesting, is this the one you’re using to make your cartoons?

where can one get it?


You can get it from Here you can compare different software for 2D animation and choose best 2D animation software.