Thanks, Envato! I'm an Elite now.

The last 8 years I do my best to become an elite and buying my own island. And so it happened! I am officially an Elite Author at Envato. I am not upset that the Care Package will no longer come to me from Australia. I’m not even upset about 10-track upload advantage for the elite, which has been canceled right now. I am immensely grateful to Envato for the $75 that I spent on a hairdresser and Photoshop specialist. In the photo you can see me enjoying my own 8-bit island (I only had enough money for 8-bit).

Keep in touch, guys! <3

P.S.: When I get the “Power Elite”, I will make a tattoo and buy my own 16-bit 3D 4K island.


Dude you are great :smile: :+1:

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Awesome island! :rofl: :palm_tree: :palm_tree: :palm_tree:


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