Thanks a million, Envato! 🙌

After two weeks of putting my heart and soul into presenting my project, you’ve given me the royal treatment. A rejection with no explanation? Truly, you’ve outdone yourselves!
Who am I, you ask? Just a nobody with dreams, apparently. :man_shrugging:
#CustomerServiceGoals #EnvatoWinningHearts"

There’re projects rejected after “6 months, 10 months” of time and considering that, it’s not pretty okay. If you could share the demo link, we can suggest few things though.

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Hi, welcome to real world :smiley: Condolences for your rejections though, it gets better with time! Good luck

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I worked on a year on my first theme and got a hard reject…


I appreciate your willingness to offer suggestions. You can access the demo of my project at I’d welcome any feedback or advice you might have.

It’s not bad but it’s not good either. Some of the design doesn’t feel like ( footer especially ) finished but generally, there’s not much feature I could see. It looks like something between a basic WordPress blog and portfolio social network ( unable to check the admin section)

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I appreciate your feedback. To clarify, I designed the entire platform from scratch using Figma and implemented the latest web technologies. The website is feature-rich, including user registration, artwork sharing, artist networking, favorites, liking, reporting, GIFs and emojis, notifications, and badges and much more in terms of features it’s full of it. Also, check out the blog section where I’ve detailed the development & design process. The admin section is accessible after creating an account, and I encourage you to explore it to get a more comprehensive view of the platform. Your suggestions are welcome, and thank you for your time in reviewing the project!

NOTE: This project wasn’t initially created for sale. It began as a personal project to enhance my web development and design skills. However, I later considered the possibility of selling it, and I was surprised when it was rejected. When I mentioned ‘putting my heart and soul into presenting my project,’ I meant the effort and dedication I invested in preparing it for submission to Envato.

All I can say is not to give up, if you want this you will have to fight for it, it is the only way…

Thanks for the kind words, i will surely will, wish you all the best for you too :raised_hands:

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