Template like Envato platform

Anyone know if there is a template for sale on Themeforest similar to all Envato sites (Audiojungle, Videohive etc.), where users can make their own profile and sell digital stuff?

I have themes ( MiniShop, Morella, Kaline ) on my portfolio that you could use to sell the digital items and services abut there’s no “similar” theme as Envato marketplaces sites

Thank you for the quick response, good work :slight_smile: But I’m looking for a template where lots of people can register and sell their digital items with percentage cut… hard to explain with my language skills but basically lets imagine I’m the customer and register to this site, then upload my stuff and sell it for 10$. I get 80% of the price 8$ and the site gets 2$ … Just like the system with Envato without the exclusive ladder system :slight_smile:

Not sure if the theme exists but I could create a custom WordPress theme for you

Really? Well that would be awesome :slight_smile: