Tell me why not accept?


hi well indeed this is probably a bit simple and lacking somehow some way of originality, plus the fonts u used are rather plain and here this is difficult to make it in the logo category when u do …

Just because something more in minimalism tried.
A good free fonts is quite small.
And all they have enjoyed for a long time and in full.
Check that the lay out and take, I was shocked, not only that half of the logo template that very much, and have a very simple and in the style of -90 years … but for some reason, they still Accepted, I was not to understand. ((

Yap… I agree with you @n2n44, Typography is not well here.

Typography is not here, it’s just dialed me more appropriate font.
All the client itself will still change the name itself, it already it is necessary to make a start.
What do think that because of the font did not take the logo, well, this is absurd.
Half received works tipogarafika usual, and fonts too.

comparing to other guys won’t help u in any case, and if u do believe that there is nothing to do with your item that this is really that good enough this far , i guess u should rather find another place to sell it without changing anything , but if u come to ask here , u have to think about the fact that what u are told is an issue indeed …

i do believe a bit the same as u do , typos and so on are good for you to have the best possible presentation but they are also the element that is easy for customers to change and appropriate an item , however here they give a huge importance to typo for logos, so either u choose to do with it and rework or find another place to post your item , that decision belongs to u

Okay, I will think
It is clear that nothing is clear)

if this is what u think , i guess u did not get it … i think that u just need to identify that either u do with what they expect for or u don’t if u do u have a potentiality to make here if not , u should better find another place to post because anyway nothing is going o change because we do not like this thing … (unfortunately)