Superio Theme - Job board


What is the WordPress action hook that fires when an employee/candidate creates an account? The goal is to export the user information once their account is created.

We are trying to use the WP All Export Pro Plugin → Real-time Export feature so each time a new user signs up, it should trigger an export that includes user information.

The limitation is that the Real-time export is not getting triggered because of compatibility issues with Superio Job Plugin. The support team for WP All Export Pro Plugin was contacted and they provided a php code to use but in order to use that code we need the ACTION HOOK that fires when an employee/candidate creates an account.

Please provide this information. We have bought the theme support but I haven’t gotten a proper response for 11/13 tickets that we have raised. This is causing a lot of trouble and delays for the company and its highly unprofessional on your end.


When anyone buys a theme, script or plugin, then the author is only selling the theme, script or plugin “as is”. In otherwords their support is only available if there is an actual issue with the coding as it is being sold.

It sounds to me, like you wanted some customization of the project to meet your needs and specific requirements, in which case you cannot expect this for free. My best advice is to contact the author again, explain exactly what the problem is, what you would like to happen, and offer then to make a payment for any customizations required to make it work for you.

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