Super Interactive Maps for WordPress got an error

I installed one plugin for Map.

It’s not working properly. First, I thought It was not installed properly so I installed it again and got same error than I download again and that Installed but still I got the same result.

The main problem is whatever map I create is not saved. I upload one image with it which shows my error.
Please look into this and tell me what is wrong with this plugin.


Did you contact developer where you have buy it? This is public forum , not help desk.

Hello Zaccc, I got this plugin free on Envato’s Feb issue. I installed it and I got some issue so I thought this can be helpful. I mentioned this plugin’s author also in my post, I thought he may replay and solve my problem.

But It’s okay I’ll find some other way.


Free or paid you need to contact plugin developer. He knows the best how is working plugin.

Hi there,

Looking from the errors, try to scroll up the error console, we suspect it’s caused by multiple calls to Google Maps API, although we cannot tell for sure. You can refer to this article for more info.

As per Codecanyon support policy, Free Files are not supported as screenshot below, if you wish our support team to have a closer look, you will need to provide the purchase/support code and server details (FTP, url, WP admin access) via the contact form here.

Joe Iz

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