Strong language and personal insults in items review

Hi everyone,
I’d like to highlight the problem with user reviews of item. At this moment you can write a review like:

F… you, I hate you, you’re f… son of a h…

and there’s no way for author to remove it. How authors are supposed to deal with such comments?

For once, the issue is clear: The review’s “language” actually goes against Envato’s policy and this is one of the very few instances where Envato should remove the review without giving you any trouble, so your first step should be to open a support ticket with Envato to have the review removed.

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Gladly I had no such review.
I recently got this, though:

just read som comments from [your team] on peoples low ratings and they are rude and must been written by an idiot

This is both sad and hilarious:

Hilarious, because persons accuses me in rudeness and immediately after that calls me an idiot :slight_smile:

Sad, because it’s not true and I don’t like being called this way.

There’s a precedent. Both authors and buyers can leave inadequate reviews and replies and there must be an easier way to report it rather then contacting support (which can take lot of time and distract support team from more serious tasks).

Hey there mate, and I’m very sorry to hear you’re having issues with these things. Foul language, blackmail, and any demeaning messages are not allowed globally on the marketplace and will be removed if gets to this point. All you have to do is contact Envato Support. It may be painful to wait a few days until they answer but they’ll most certainly help you out. Cheers mate! :slight_smile:

We assume Envato can’t allow authors themselves to censor comments because that could be easily abused but definitely report this to Envato support and let us know about the results :slight_smile: