StockSubmitter Users - Please Make Sure To Update StockSubmitter

Apple recently updated their video software in the latest version of macOS Catalina, transitioning from 32-bit to 64-bit. With these changes, they dropped support for some common and standard video codecs. Photo PNG + Alpha is no longer supported in any form, and all but one of the Motion JPEG variations are still supported (MPEG - OpenDML).

For this reason, Photo PNG and Motion JPEG is no longer supported across VideoHive & Elements (more info on this subject to come shortly). We detected an issue with items submitted through StockSubmitter, when authors use the software to downscale 4K footage to HD resolutions. The software was taking a 4K Photo JPEG input, and rendering out 1080p Motion JPEG videos.

StockSubmitter has assured us that the issue has been resolved, but will require authors to perform an update on the application to see this change.


Am I the only one having problems with stocksubmitter about this? I am running on the latest desktop version and still got a bunch of clip rejected today because of the proper encoding, anyone else experience this?

Please inspect the resulting HD files before submitting them to ensure the codec used is actually Photo JPEG. Videos with the bug reported here will appear as Photo JPEG in QuickTime, but will not playback correctly. Opening the same video and inspecting from VLC, will show that the Motion JPEG (MJPEG) codec was actually being used instead.

We thought the issue had been rectified, and only required authors to update their software but I’m guessing there might be some lingering problems. You may need to reach out to the StockSubmitter team for additional support.

  • The problem is that there is no way when using Stocksubmitter to inspect or acces the downsized file, the app just makes it and upload it and submit it.
    The fact is that with the last update the app actually is re-encoding the files in h264 but I do not know why it is a non-standard one :face_with_monocle:
    I have contacted their support team and are trying to figure it out.

Keep me posted and let me know how it goes!! Keep in mind the videos need to playback properly in the native QuickTime player, with one of the three accepted formats (H.264, Photo JPEG, or ProRes) in order for us to accept. So they may be using H.264 now, with some non-standard format behind the scenes and it’s preventing QuickTime from successful playback.

The reason we use QuickTime as the deciding factor is to ensure our videos will work across all major operating systems, without requiring customers to have to seek out and install additional codecs just to use the videos they license from VideoHive or Elements. If a video is one of the three formats we support, and works in native QuickTime, we can be certain that it will work on both MacOS and Windows, and also all of the major editing and compositing programs.


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