Statements on individual items?

with all the PRO stuff happening, I’m going to start getting my tunes registered. However I want to prioritise items that have had a broadcast license. Is there any way to look at a statement for an individual item, so I can easily see if it has had a broadcast license? I don’t fancy having to trawl through every transaction to find them!

Any advice appreciated

If you’re comfortable using spreadsheets a simple solution is to go to your statement page, filter the transactions to just show sales and download as a CSV file (you can also set the period covered). If you open this in Excel it’s easy to sort in descending order by the price of the sale and all the broadcast licenses will be at the top. If you sort by item name at the same time they will neatly be ordered by title too.

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sounds good, Paul, haven’t used excel much before but i’ll give it a go! many thanks