State of the Union: ThemeForest review queues.

Yeah, some of those are power elite some are new authors with their first theme.

So lets make new accounts so we can have our themes approved :grinning:

Yes, I have read that is a bug, but then Envato, please remove the page if after 2 days you can’t fix it. There are themes approved after just a few days and not by Power Elite authors but by new ones with no other items.

Haha, too big of a drop down to 50% :slight_smile:

I’ve just submitted my second theme which I have spent over 12 months designing and developing. I’m not sure I could handle waiting another 2 months to see it become released :joy: Here’s hoping the prediction of 15 days is accurate, I can just about wait this long :grin:

It’s wrong I have themes more than 50 days in queue and others have 70+ :frowning:

We recruited a team to do this @matthewcoxy @collis We’re all DYING if our new items won’t be release in a few days. We have 2 WP in day 40+, 3 HTML in day 15+, 3 psd in day 10+.
Maybe Themeforest will be a real version of the SPARTANS, only 300 authors is surviving.

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I’m on day 16 with a PSD, it would be great if we could see a status of the submission.

Really disappointed to still be waiting for the update/announcement that was supposed to be a couple of days away. It’s been 4 or 5 days.


I am totally disappointed not with the delay in the NOT SO HELPFUL announcement but with the whole process of this review system. We were promised that things will be fine from mid June. Then we see 4 days review times for WP themes exactly in the mid of June but then they said it was problem in their script itself. Now we have again 35 days time for WP themes and that is totally fake and misleading. I have asked several times here in many threads that please someone come and say that they have their theme reviewed below 35 days so that 35 days average time can be justified. But till now no one has reported any news about this.

We uploaded an HTML template when the HTML review time was 7 days and it is still in queue, but in the meanwhile HTML review times comes visiting the whole world up and down to again 16 days.

Other 2 of our WP themes are in queue and have no hope for them to sell good as many interested people already would have bought another theme in the meanwhile.

I think someone said June will be back to normal but it seems it’s a hard quiz to solve for Envato.
With such many items & long queue line (as I asked some fellow authors, mostly, they have 5+ items in queue for 1st review), I also don’t expect it will be back to normal soon.

Considering the niche time, it seems to me that authors should work on a Christmas theme.

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And even that 35 is wrong since themes are in queue more than 70 days. Mine are around 50 :frowning:

60 here :slight_smile:

75 here :confused:

What’s the item ID? ( can be seen in the URL when hovering over the delete link )

Hi @matthewcoxy, just wondering what’s the situation with that announcement.


Check on the Frontpage, some approved items are from series ID 165xxxxx, mine is 161xxxxx (>400thousands upfront) but it hasn’t been touched for the 1st review. Are you sure about this chronological systematic id creation convention or this id is just a random math from Envato system?

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@matthewcoxy a lot of authors are waiting on this announcement :slight_smile: please let us know as quickly as possible. Some of us need to rethink our future based on this.

Mine too: ID 1618xxxx And still waiting for the 1st review (44 days ).

Where we fidn the item id?