Standard Website Width For 2014

For a long time I’ve been using a max width of 960px when designing websites as many people have been doing for years, however, I’m guessing that since more and more people are getting higher resolutions monitors and technology is changing there might be a new standard? Obviously there is now responsive design which I think is great, but I’m not so sure it fits with every website, so is there a new standard for website widths or something that just works better? There’s obviously no absolute right and wrong answer with this, just wondering what your opinions are on this.

For me personally, I don’t do any of the coding, I just make the designs for people and someone else slices and codes it, so responsive wouldn’t work all that great for me unless I worked closely with a developer which I don’t get to do that often as of yet.

Well, today is more and more popular bootstrap’s 1170 grid system. Many authors use it, or something based on it…