Spike in traffic due to mailing list


I’ve notice a sudden spike in traffic on one of my themes and under the referrals tab it says its from the envato mailing list. I haven’t subscribed to the mailing list so i cant see the email. Is there any where online that shows the newsletters ? or could someone forward me the latest one please ? im just interested in seeing it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

That’s from Envato,they chose one of your themes to promote through their mailing list,I don’t think you can find it anywhere…anyway it’s a good promotion :slight_smile:

I got one a while back too and was unable to find my item in any of the emails i received. Probably some a/b testing going on where they see how different items perform in different emails

ok thanks :slight_smile: please send that same email out everyday envato whatever it is. lol i wish