Somebody know the TIN of ENVATO USA INC?

Hello. My accountant asks for the TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) of ENVATO USA INC.SUITE 1200 215 SOUTH STATE STREET SALT LAKE CITY, but I can’t find it. He needs this info for that the payout can be properly recorded. I ask the support several days ago, but they didn’t answer.

Check this page, if it’s not there, you need to contact Envato support:

Some more information/discussion can be found here:

If I’m not mistaken, Envato is registered in Europe and Australia only ( for taxing ), they may not have the TIN you’re asking.

Ok, I will ask the support again. About Europe and Australia, I know it, but I received payment for Elements specifically from a company that is registered in the US by this new their system.

Envato does have a US tax identification number but it’s not publicly available information. You generally don’t need it for foreign tax purposes. Please reach out to

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I see, but for some reason my accountant needs it. I used to give him the Australian number before. Thank you for your reply.

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