Soft Rejection,TRADEMARK VIOLATION html theme

I have uploaded my html theme many times , but i got Trademark violation issue many time

Remove the logos from your template file and replaced it with blank images

I already removed my logo from my template zip file . I puted Placeholder Images in my all other images.But still I got the Rejection. and I got this message from envato staff " Your submission contains apparently trademarked names or assets (logos, etc) not adhering to our content policy"

Mind to share the URL?

I am using Placeholder images instead of placeholder url . tell me what should i use ?
This my theme demo url . I have used Placeholder images in my templates zip flolder

Could it be the Google or Microsoft logos in there?

It’s irrelevant if it’s placeholders in the download if the logo is copyrighted generally esp for commercial use

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no ,I made this logo. So what should I do I have to change my log or not ??

Thats not really how copyright works - their logos and trademarks are still protected weather you replicate them or use the original.

I don’t know that is the issue but it’s where I’d begin based on the feedback.

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Add a statement (comment while submitting the item ) that the logos are not included to the theme files. Secondly, add a description into the details that the download pack doesn’t include any images. If the reviewers still ask, remove the logos from your website as well

okk I Will try

Why don’t you try envato market place logos instead of those??

And isn’t that the official Apple-produced marketing image for a Mac? That could be an issue as well, but it’s probably the logos as already mentioned. You can’t include those in your preview or your download.

you can not use google, microsoft etc in your works. Besides that the V in your theme logo looks a bit close to the logo of verizone.