[Soft Rejected] Need help please

Hi, I’m new author here and I has been uploading my first items last week. I got soft rejected with the comments like this:

The help file is inadequate. Please provide a more detailed step-by-step process helping the customer through the process of customizing all editable elements within the project. (Colors, duration, placeholders, etc.) Help files should be easy to use and understandable for a customer who has very little or no experience using After Effects.

I already create a tutorial video and upload to my youtube channel and place the link into Readme. is that still not enough? or i have to put the video tutorial into the zip also?
this is the link tutorial: https://youtu.be/mN3ITh6iL5M

Thanks for your help!

Personally for me, the tutorial seems fine and understandable but you definitely have to put the tutorial inside the .zip file. I’ve been soft-rejected because I uploaded the tutorial on Youtube and I didn’t place it in the .zip file.

Okay thanks!
Wish me luck :slight_smile: