[Soft Rejected] Enqueue the Google fonts the right way?




We got this comment from reviewer:

Enqueue the Google fonts the right way https://gist.github.com/kailoon/e2dc2a04a8bd5034682c

Good read: http://themeshaper.com/2014/08/13/how-to-add-google-fonts-to-wordpress-themes/

We are using very similar code, except for the part related to translation because our code does not enqueue any particular fonts - in our case, user can select Google Fonts using theme customization and we do not know which fonts will be selected in advance.

Any ideas?



the reviewr message are clear, register using wp_register_style, enqueue using wp_enqueue_style



Thanks for replying, we are using wp_enqueue_style…


If your code is using what the reviewer already said, just resubmit the product and mention in the comments this.


Ok, but the point is that it is not clear what reviewer wanted to say, e.g. it is not clear if loading Google fonts using CSS is allowed?


is not allowed,
you must register google font css using wp_register_style, and enqueue it using wp_enqueue_style,


Ok, thank you.