soft-rejected But I can't edit. Please help.

First of all, I apologize for my bad English skills.

Hi, I got an email today about soft-rejection.

  1. Words such as animation are not allowed in titles. It is already implied it is an animation being in the motion graphics section.

I only tried to edit the title, But the text “animation” was included in the preview image and file name, either. so I tried to replace the file.

Unfortunately, main video could not be uploaded due to an error. I tried again with FTP server, but it was not added to the Edit page upload list. (Main video is the same as before, I only want to rename the zip file.)

What should I do in this case?.
Is there any way to edit a large file(1.42GB) without re-uploading it? Please help.

It was solved, as I modified the other information except for the main file. Thanks.