Soft reject

Received a second reject for the track. They suggest changing the ending of the track again. At first it was too harsh, I changed it, but now, on the contrary, they demand to make it clearer…
It’s not a problem to redo it, but they write that if you don’t like it, they can limit downloads and block it altogether…

I’m already going through a night of not sleeping after submitting, and then there are these direct threats: PS The team spent a lot of time reviewing and providing feedback on your submission. If we feel that you have not taken enough time to make the necessary changes before resubmitting, this may be considered an improper use of the review process. If ongoing abuse of the verification process is detected, your submission rights may be limited or suspended.

But I don’t abuse it, and I try like a beast, I don’t sleep… and now I don’t know what to do? Maybe not send this track at all? Otherwise they’ll ban you… I don’t really know what to do(((

I think this is just a general warning for people who really abuse the system.
Try to really make the right changes. If in doubt you can always post an example here and ask for feedback.