Soft Reject, Your help will change my life. Please suggest.


Hi friends, I am very excited about my first uploaded item. it was soft rejected with few issues.
Here the message from envato reviewer: -
You’re nearly there!
Thanks for your submission.
‘Amaze - Creative One Page Parallax Template’ isn’t quite ready for ThemeForest. But don’t fret, we’d love to see you resubmit after making the changes outlined by the reviewer below. When you’re ready, you can upload your changes here.

Comments from your Quality team

Too many animations in unnecessary places can be damaging. Try an avoid animations, or at least give them serious consideration in the following situations:

  • When an action needs to be repeated very frequently by the user.

  • Where the devices known to use the system are likely to be incapable of displaying the animation adequately (Mobile devices).

  • On time-sensitive actions or processes.

Please consider the above factors and reduce the animations of your web site.

Can you please help me with these issue points! check the url and read these issue. what i need to do next. can remove the animations for now?
Please help me guys, you are rock! :slight_smile:
Thanks in advanced!


Hi Rakesh,

There are a couple of things I think can be improved regarding animations. Most of the times animations are added just to make the site feel interactive, but over usage may result into overwhelming experiences. It is often a best practice to use less animations and only at places where you find a need or you feel is empty.

  1. I really like that slick animation on the main content area below the banner section. I would like you to make an inverse of it. Currently it goes down as the user scrolls down. Instead make it go up.

  2. This has nothing to do with animation but will improve overall experience. Increase the spacing in between the social links in the top right corner of the banner section.

I can see that you have removed most of the animations but also keep in mind that your item shouldn’t be interaction less. Your end goal is not to get approved on ThemeForest but to impress that user and make a sales

All the best!


Hi mate, i agree with you. i am start working on new update with animations.
Thanks for your reply!