Social / Conversation commerce app for Facebook messenger

Is there a woocommerce plugin / chatbot like specifically for selling on messaging apps?

Here’s the scenario. In a lot of developing countries, credit card access is pretty low. Not to mention that a lot, if not most, people in these parts of the world think that Facebook and chat apps are the internet ( pcs, search engines, etc are all secondary in usage). People do buy… But it’s usually on social channels and people rely on cod’s. Forget having e-commerce website… Most people don’t have or trust CC’s and checking out is foreign concept to most. So people actually want to chat first before requesting an order.

So here’s the dilemma. I have a couple of problems

A way to automate some of the more redundant messages like faq… Of course chatbot comes in handy here with pre defined options for them to choose.

A way to synchronize the order to an ordering system. Show what the customer ordered, see if there’s inventory, if he is waiting for inventory sick to fill up (and get notified once it does), manage address / payment information ( some people do cod and some do bank transfers), and of course a way to segment all these info for future follow-ups and broadcasts with personalization

A back end that connects with shipping company to automate generating tracking and sending info to customer

Back end that also checks to see if payment is cleared or stuck… And same for shipment as well.

This software needs to do all this… And be integrated so that I don’t have to check multiple sites - the chat app, inventory management, bank, shipping company , etc.

I guess this is really social selling management software that has API access to chat ( broadcast, segmentation) for selling, to bank for doing cod, to shipping company for tracking, …

Is there something like that you guys know of?