Sliders in Avada theme - elastic how it works what it can do

Purchased the Avada theme and trying to install sliders but the captions are not working right; where is the documentation on how they work and how to fix?

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If you have problems with your purchased item, I strongly recommend you to contact the author for bugfix support.

In this case to reach the author of Avada theme please access this url:

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We already purchased the theme and need help to get information on the various sliders. The link you sent does not tell us how to contact the author. When we are logged into the account, there is not visible way to contact the author and we don’t want to have to purchase another theme in the hope we can get support from the author. Please send me the direct link to contact the author for issues related to the sliders. Thanks


Direct url to their support desk:


We’re trying to install the elastic slider from the Avada Theme. The issue we’re having is that the electric slider is not showing up as an option on the dashboard under the slider tab (on the left). We can’t get ahold of anyone for theme support. Is the elastic slider not available? The plug-ins are also not visible.

Has the elastic slider been renamed or moved? Here’s a screen cap of what we’re seeing in the dashboard and the electric slider is not listed.

On the screen below, we can select the elastic slider but we are not allowed to do anything with it. Do you have an avada theme expert you can put us in touch with?

So, have you contacted the Seller of Avada theme? They can help you out with any issues.

EDIT: I already provided urls to access their support desk.


Thanks for your response. How do we contact them? Is there a phone number? The link to support for the theme is not working. We are logged in, have the support purchased, can’t get to the authors. Please help us with an email or phone number that we can call so that we can get this resolved. Thanks for your helps, we’re frustrated and tired of going in circles. Thanks in advance!

I’ll tag in @ThemeFusion and see if they can advise.

You can also contact them directly from their profile page, here:

Thanks Bailey, any idea how to contact the author of the Avada theme. All roads seem to point back to the authors as having the answers about the elastic theme. Do you happen to know why it’s listed as an option under the slider options but not actually available???

Unfortunately I am not familiar with Avada so I can’t offer any advice. Only the author will be able to help, and the author of Avada is ThemeFusion - sorry I was not too clear in my previous post. :slight_smile:

Have you opened a ticket with ThemeFusion (the author of the Avada theme)? Here’s full instructions on how to contact them:

If you’re having trouble accessing their support site, then I would suggest letting them know from their profile page contact form, which is here: