Slider Revolution button location shifting

When the page loads on mobile, the button in my slider revolution carousel shifts out of place. Strangely, if I navigate through the carousels, when I return to that same carousel, the button has shifted to the correct spot. Any idea why this would be? I’ve played with all the button’s responsive settings (auto, child element, offset,) set to both on/off, but nothing seems to affect this behavior.


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will help you out from your issue

Or @ThemePunch-Support-K for slider revolution.


Hi peedog16,

Thanks for using Slider Revolution. This sounds like you did not fully utilize the responsive settings in RevSlider. I’d like you to check out the screencast below as it explains how responsive works in RevSlider along with this article

If you need further assistance, contact us over at our support center or by email at and a member of our team will attend to you asap!