Similar to 'Are You Gonna be my Girl' by Jet


Looking for a short track similar to with a similar vibe to ‘Are You Gonna be my Girl’ by Jet.
Fun, upbeat, awesome, etc.
Anyone have anything like that?


Hi here is something similar that you may like

My track is not fast as Jet. But anyway, please take a listen to my track here if it helpful. Thank you.

This track by AurusAudio is a great option:

It is a very high selling track so obviously it must be very suitable! It has that same swung rhythm and fun fast feel as the Jet song.

I have one which is pretty similar:

Hi! Check this


Hi, you could try my track ‘Rock Steady’

or ‘Good Vibes’, similar feel to ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ but less heavy;

Here you go

Hope ot fits