Showing last update date on download page


I have been getting a few emails about available updates for various products and when I am on the download center page, I do not see any dates relating to when the products where last updated. I know I can sort by the latest updates, but, it still does not show me the date so that I can compare to my internal update logs. Taking a look around, I do not see any obvious (to me) setting to show this.

If there is a way to view this on the page, could someone please direct me? If not, is this the best avenue to make this a suggestion to the site?

Thank you

please from your download page open the Item details page by clicking on the title. In Item details page in right sidebar you will get information about Last Update date. Thanks


Yes, I have seen that, thank you. But, if you have several products, you have to do a lot of clicking to get an overview.

yes, but in current features you have to check individually from the details page. Another option you can use Sort by: Recent Updates filter in your download page. So only first Item check you can get idea you have to check another Items or not because in that Sort by: Recent Updates will display most recent update Items at top and accordingly to Update date descending order.

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If your products are in the WordPress category, there is the official Envato Market WordPress plugin.

It is available here:

You can install it easily and it will automatically helps you with automatic versioning & updates of themes & plugins (very similar to how the plugins and themes from wordpress dot org work)

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