Share your youtube profiles!

Oh, neat!

This is my channel:

Great to meet you all on YouTube! This is my channel. It is a mix of my music and tutorials about how to write music for film, tv and games.

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Great video! Subscribed! Here’s my channel (still in the beginning):

I will be subscribing to all these great channels midweek, cause I’m not in the studio!
Also, does anybody here use AdWords to promote their tracks on Youtube and if the answer is YES, could you share some advertising tips and tricks for promotion?
Have a great selling week and thanx in advance, mates!

Hello friends!
Here is the new song I uploaded!
Happy listening!

Hi! This is my yt profile, I’m still working on it!:slight_smile:

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I recently founded a channel (host) for producers from around the globe, where we sell instrumentals and beats. :smiley:


Hey friends!
Here’s my channel.:

Have a nice day!

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Hey guys! Here’s my YouTube Channel

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Hi everyone! Just have started a youtube channel too! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


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Ahoy! here’s mine :

A mix of library and custom music.

Hi everyone, I’m new to AudioJungle but I’ve been on YouTube for about seven months now. I upload two days per week and my primary formula is taking random mundane sounds and turning them into horror ambiance and SFX.


I’m honestly a bit embarrassed of sharing my Youtube channel as I am not very skilled and not uploading very frequently but I am definitely willing to improve :sweat_smile: