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hi i need answer for all my question. i already ask this question to theme support 3times (3 days). every time i post in comment section also email but no answer. they answer to all question but not mine. maybe my question is too many. but theme support is only a source that i can ask question. i pay 3rd party developer to solve my problem but they need more time. i already give for 1 month but they need more then 1 month to understand all the theme function and featured. so, i will try here. maybe my luck here. i copy paste may question.

  1. send me tutorial how to set google calender. i try many tutorial but no one working

2.i need full list about shortcode. this shortcode is not full list

3.what diffrent between theme style > style 1 and style 2. (note: all my test in all this question is already clear the cache)

4.what is minify css for? when to use it?

5.what is flush css cache? is it same with clear data cache in browser? when to use it?

6.what is show page title > on/off. i try both but nothing happens

7.where theme theme secondary color address to. i try theme primary color and its change but when i try secondry nothing happens. u can show example with ur demo website screen shot

8.i know header logo text color is use if the logo not exist. how about footer logo text color? i dont know if footer also have logo. pls explain to me about button primary border color. nothing happen when i change. even after clear cache and restart browser

10.also button primary hover border color

11.also button secondry border color

12.also button secondry hover border color

13.also link color

14.also link hover color (i try to make text with link to other website but the color hover is not what iam setting)

15.i upload logo for homepage. its working fine. then i upload logo at my account styling. its smaller then homepage logo. at provider acc its look fine. but in customer acc its follow to homepage logo. i try disable homepage logo which its will change to text. at customer acc its also change to text. how to fixed this things?

16.for bottom footer color sometime its working and many time its not working even i clear cache and restart browser many time. how to fixed this? can i set (my service) same service but diffrent day/time diffrent price. example house cleaning service weekday $20/hr but on weekend $25/hr or morning $20/hr but night $25/hr

18.what is the display server key respone? color (landscap) is address to where? color (cluster) is address to where?

21.what is radius border thickness

22.for auto detect location. can i know what its mean. who location system detect? bar position in search setting templete style 1 is not function

24.what search number of item per page?

25.what is show empty category in search dropdown?

26.what is show featured providers on top?

27.i try to change setting in subcategory layout in provider category page but nothing happen. am in missed something? bar position in provider category stting also not working

29.there is another show future provider on top in provider category setting. i dont know what its function.

30.string that will replace “provider -category” word on provider category page url – i try to fill this with random word but i dont know which word its change to set booking is only available 1 day before service? provider not always monitor this system every hour. if customer book on same day it will be problem because provider dont know if they not monitor frequent

32.about payment that i can get from this theme (correct me if iam wrong) a) provider must pay me daily/weekly/monthly/yearly if i charge for the package. b)provider need to use connects for every job they want to apply. if the connects 0 they need to buy/renew c)customer need to pay if i charge for every job they post. so far i only know this 3 source to get payment from user. anything else that i dont know? how about comission system. how its work? i dont understand about comission system. if provider charge customer $100 is it i can get commission from the amount using fixed/percentage?

33.what is cashback system? how its work? is it like “offer” for customer? something like discount? is cashback can use percentage instead of fixed amount? where we can find this cashback. is it for customer or provider? if for provider, can it apply for customer. because i think better using cashback then discount/offer. so, the money will debit to customer wallet and customer need to book the service again if they dont want to waste the money. is it possible to do?

34.for job notification. what is diffrent between by job alert and on job publish?

35.why at my provider page there is no working hour time table?

36.for display basic future after social login. i try on and signup via fb its show basic featured. after that i try off and make new signup via google. its still show basic featured. it supposed to show only upgrade acc right? bar position in povider setting. i dont see any search bar move from bottom to middle or middle to bottom

38.also i try hide search bar in provider page setting but nothing change. too many search bar setting. pls tell me actually how many search bar setting in this theme and where i can see every setting result

39.whats the meaning of floating menu?

40.where i can find author word in provider profile page?

41.also provider word

42.also customer word request a quote title

43.what is restrict my acc? is it same with acc moderation? about restrict user area. what is this?

45.what is identity check featured? is it something like provider need to submit id card or licence driver fotocopy and admin approved after that?

46.what is claimed business? how to use that? how its work?

47.what is feature provider?

48.about mail setting. there is many blank field need to fill. let say signup mail. what must i fill in this blank field? give me example. i try with random text but no change at email. service finder > languange. my language (malay) flag is wrong. the right flag is at burmese. how can i change back the flag from burmese to malay

50.i try to make a booking from customer acc but at provider acc the booking is not appear. the notification appear but cannot click and all notification id is 0. how to fixed this? (attachment 1)

51.what is diffrent between automatic booking assignment and manual booking assignment? to insert contact us link at top footer? (attachment 2) to setting tags like ur demo? (attachment 3) to make popup for rating everytime customer mark service is completed?

55.can this theme customize popup evertime customer finish rating. the popup will ask if customer happy then they can click the popup link and they can share via facebook with their friend

56.if one day someone hack my website how can i prevent this happens? any auto backup that i can use?

57.teach me how to backup all my theme setting and database content so if i want to change server i dont need to setup from beginning

pls advice all my question. ur answer is important to me. i already email all this question.

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Thanks for asking your question at Envato Forum.

Contact with your item author who can help on your purchased item also read your item documentation you will find lot of solution your questions.
You have to understand something like author are responsible to give you and if you didn’t find something about your purchase product but author are not responsible to install, customization & video tutorial are depended on author only.

Your lot of question are related customization Author are not responsible for that.

If you can’t customization your purchase item the you have to hire some to complete that.
This is Envato freelancing platform

you can hire someone like @ki-themes

How to contact any Item Author from here

If they ask about purchase key then collect from here

Still have any question open a Envato help ticket from here


tq moderator for ur quick reply.

1.yes i alreday contact author many time but no respons
2.yes i understand and i dont ask author to install, customization and send video tutorial. for number 1 question author send email and promise to give tutorial so, i just ask what they promise. if u read all my question i just ask theme support what is that? how its works? why is not working? and something like that.
3.i dont ask to customize the theme. the question is that able to do that? not u must do that? pls read all my question carefully. all my question is about featured is already there. but i dont know what is that, how its work and how to use. the problem here is author not respons to my question. if the question is about what they not responsible just mention “sorry we not support for customize etc”. the problem here is no respons. pls understand

Thanks for your reply please wait for their response cause today Sunday
Hope they will reply you soon cause they have responsibly on their item.
If you will not satisfied author answer open Envato Help Ticket they would like to assist you more well.

actually the question is start from 15th. its already 10 days. thats why i post here. on 16th theme support reply email to inform developer on leave until 21th. so i hold my other question until 21th. on 22th the question become many. so i post and email the question on 23th, 24th, 25th. the weird things is theme support answer all other question but not mine. so do i need to wait another 10 days?

i already open ticket today and waiting the envanto help in 24hrs like they mention

this is the documentation and this link this documentation is not complete and not up to date. before all question that i gave. i already mention in that question that i already refer to that documentation. the documentation is not detail and skip many things

Hey there @fzlik. As my colleague @unlockdesign mentioned, it’s best to wait for replies over the weekend. However, if the author is not providing you with support and the item is advertised as supported you are entitled to a refund. Contacting Envato Support was a great idea. Envato always replies to their tickets between 24 hours and 7 days, depending on the volume of pending tickets in the queue, but they’ll most likely offer you a refund if the item is advertised as supported.

Cheers and we thank you for your patience on the matter! :slight_smile:

tq for ur attention. actually i like the theme and i dont want refund. i only want they answer my question and improve their customer service. i waste my time many hour every day for more than 1 month to learn about the theme function. i dont want to waste another several month to learn other theme. pls do something to make sure they improve their customer service

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