Seeking Alternative Lightweight WordPress Theme for Improved Site Speed

I’m currently running a website (link removed) using the Kadence theme on WordPress. Recently, I’ve noticed that the DOM size has increased, leading to slower loading times. Additionally, the site fails to meet the Core Web Vitals assessment criteria, which is concerning. And user experience is badly effected.

I’m in search of an alternative WordPress theme that is lightweight and won’t compromise site speed. Preferably, the theme should be easy to use and offer similar customization options to Kadence.

If anyone has experience with lightweight themes that have helped improve site speed without sacrificing functionality or design, I’d greatly appreciate your recommendations. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Hello @madihayaqoob015,

I have experience with lightweight WordPress themes, I would like to assist you with the same.

Please connect with me for further discussion.


The theme really is only part of this request esp when it comes to things like CWV assessment.

You would be fine with any popular/established theme but what you need proper help with potentially is how you configure it in terms of proper minification and caching, removing unnecessary scripts etc. and then the content that you upload and how it is presented and optimised, and investment in proper hosting, etc.

Without all that the choice of theme will make very little difference.

thank you. I will try generate press

You can check Ona and Margin. It’s one of the fastest on the market.