Seeking a Ask/Answer Independent Music Rating App.

Seeking a modified script or developer to help me create my app idea called: Audiosity

  • A 2-way feedback app (and website) for independent musicians and bands where they can submit their song for a community review and get feedback by the public and other musicians. Similar to an ask and answer community but aimed at audio instead

An ask-answer community app giving independent musicians, artists, and bands an avenue to get feedback on their songs from non-biased audiences and other musicians. This provides the artist with a tool to help them improve on their craft and test marketability. By getting such inputs, they will be able to tweak their songs based on what will be more appealing to a bigger population, ultimately helping them generate a finer song and more sales on their songs.

Aside from comment feedback by users (ranked by public up votes) the questions will be regulated/designed in such a way that it will generate objective feedback using universally-accepted metrics to review songs. Measurements of success are evaluated on these factors:

  1. Involvement
    • Does the piece automatically pull the listener into the music?
  2. Innovation
    • Is the piece unique and ground-breaking to attract new listeners? Does it offer something new to the listener? And if so, is it a positive evolution, or innovation simply for the sake of being different?
  3. Delivery
    • Are the vocals and instrumentals executed well?
  4. Content/Intent/message
    • Is the piece thought-provoking? Does it encourage the listener to contemplate its message, or is it simply background music?
    • Lyrics, composition, arrangement, instrumentation etc. How well is the piece constructed?
  5. Engagement
    • Do the artists appear involved in what they’re performing? Is their a perceptible level of emotion involved in the piece
  6. Production/mastering
    • This is a rather unfortunate category, but sometimes the production and mastering techniques of a recording so obfuscate the original intent of the piece that it’s rendered virtually un-listenable

By putting in these metrics, it will be easier for the artist to know how they’ll use such feedback in adjusting and making their crafts more palatable to a wider audience. In doing so, they’ll be able to expand their listener and fan base, which will eventually help them out financially.

The user can either link to a soundcloud file or upload their own audio file and have it hosted on our app.

Please feel free to write me at

Thank you

This would be the perfect base script, all it needs now is the review and point system…