Security Issues

Hi there

In the past few days i have noticed some security issues with login and logout from variety author’s support centers.
Ok, i use the option of Login With Envato to be able to access the author’s support page and create a ticket. After i have left a ticket i logout from support center then i also logout from themeforest. But when i try to login again and click on LOGIN WITH ENVATO despite logging out the first time and despite loggin out from themeforest i can still login with entering username and password.
So i tried to leave it for few hours and come back and tried again, guess what still the same.
Now, someone or anyone can enter into support center from the same computer/pc/device and access all given details to authors and visa versa

Can someone look at this as this is not good at all,

I even cleared the cache from the browser and still the same

Hi @eddievet,

I’ve just opened a support ticket in your name with these details, and have sent you a few questions there. Let’s take this conversation to the ticket.


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