Second animation was approved for sale!

Hi everyone) Me and my husband are working here on Envato approved my second item(2 of 4 animations made my husband, and this is the second that i’ve made). There is the link: Hope you like it.)

Congrats! :tulip::slight_smile:

Very cute faces :slight_smile: My Congrats!! :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot! I’ve been trying to upload several animations from February, but Envato rejected most of them. That’s why i was very happy when they approved this work. :blush:

Good job!

‘Headbang’ is my favorite so far… :sunglasses:

Stay heavy |m|

Mine too :smiling_imp: _lml

Congratulations @CartoonLab :tada: goodluck with the sales :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :blush:

Congrats! :tulip::slight_smile:

Many congratulations and all the best :slight_smile: :tada:

Thanks a lot! :sparkles: